7 Email Marketing Technique for Brand Building

Let’s all accept the fact. No matter what sort of business, marketing is one of the most essential and fundamental requirements for it to grow. Just starting a business will not suffice; we need to let people know that such-a-such company is selling such-a-such products. Companies also need to convince people that their products are better than all the similar products available in the market. Then alone will they be able to sell their products and flourish? In this article will discuss seven email marketing technique for band building.

Several strategies have been employed by companies to increase their business. Marketing probably started from using pamphlets and catalogues containing the description of their products. Then, as radio came, people used to advertise in the broadcasts. All of us are familiar with the audio-visual advertisements that used to on television. Celebrities are often hired by to showcase their products. These were the traditional methods used by companies. Then, there was a significant invention that changed the entire scenario.

If you have already guessed it, you are right!! The invention of the internet was a breakthrough in the scene. The Internet made it possible to reach out to a broader audience across the globe and market the products. E-mail made it possible to communicate with any person on any corner of the world.

Companies these days use email marketing, which is one of the latest trends in the field of marketing for brand building.

In this section, we shall see some of the best ideas to employ in Email Marketing Technique for a Successful Brand Building.

1. Personalise your emails

People prefer to browse through the products that they are interested in than some unrelated random products. So, what you need do is to maintain a list of what each customer purchased. A proper list gives an idea of what sort of products the customer prefers.
You also need to know more and more about your customer. You may also send your customers special discounts on their birthdays. So, make it a point to maintain customer databases consisting of their date of birth, residential address, email id, contact numbers, etc. These details will help you to personalise the marketing emails as much as possible. Personalise email marketing technique will help you reduce shopping cart abandonment for eCommerce business.

2. Classify your Customers or Subscribers

Your clients and subscribers may be of different kinds – businesspeople, homemakers, teenagers, senior citizens, etc. Classify your customer list based on these categories and send them the products that they may need. Like businesspeople who deal with reselling the products you sell would love to have offers on wholesale purchases or teenagers would usually purchase soft drinks if on offer. Make intelligent guessing as to what products have the highest chances of being obtained by each class of customers. Email subscribers list would make at least far better than sending a catalogue of random products. If you are into eCommerce Business it is helpful for organising in a proper email list.

3 Make it Mobile Friendly

Make your marketing emails mobile-friendly as nearly 47% of all email opens happened on mobile phones. Not many people open up their PC’s and read emails these days. They prefer to read it in their mobiles as it is convenient. Here are a few tips on being on the safer side while composing marketing emails:

    • Use the one-column template to write the emails.
    • Let the Call to Action Button be undeniable, preferably at the top.
    • Keep elements like buttons at the centre as many people tap to scroll their screens.
    • Write on increased font size, so that it is readable in mobile phones.

4. Send Mails during the “Prime Time”

According to the quarterly report of 2012 of Experian Marketing Services Ltd, 8 PM to midnight was the period where there was maximum opening or clicks. On prime time may be because people will be free after a long day at work and will probably at their mobile phones. So, the chances of them reading the mail and clicking on the links will be higher.

5. Re-engaging the inactive subscribers

Research has shown that the average inactivity for any list is a whopping 63 %( link). Re-engaging means, if you have a list of 100 subscribers, the chances are that 63 people out of it will not follow up with your emails. So, re-engagement campaigns are an excellent way of getting a decent number of customers back to the business. Let the title be catchy and the content short and direct into the topic.

6. Lengths of Subject Lines

No one has the time to read the entire mail and come to a conclusion as to what the letter was all about. That is the very reason there are subject lines for every mail. Make the best use of it. Use witty, short and crisp sentences for subjects that will clearly explain what the email is all about. Make sure the subject line is not more than 60-70 characters (Adestra).

7. Include Freebies or Giveaways in the E-Mail

Who does not love free lunch? Include freebies like tools and templates, which enhance their computers in the email. People prefer tools and models to e-books, interviews with experts, etc. (BlueWire) While this can vary from list to list, you can always test on your list.

These were the marketing strategies that would help you optimise your sales through email marketing.

Bonus: How To Compose Perfect Emails for Quick Response

1. Add Photographs

Your customers can share your marketing emails with their friends or whoever they feel is interested in such things as your products. So, make sure you include best of the best latest photographs of your products. Photos will help in promoting your company products.

2. Consistency

Let your blog posts or offers be very consistent. It should not be like you send an email once and leave it for months together. If you want your customers to remember your company and its brand, you must be sending them regular marketing emails.
Here is a word of caution: Do not send your marketing emails too frequently to annoy the customer. No one wants junk marketing emails filled up in their inboxes. So, the best way is to send a marketing mail every week or fortnight or so.

3. Tone and Style

The Tone is critical as the reader would be reading only the words and the way those words will write make a considerable impact on their decision.
For example, if you are sending emails to a teenage audience, it should be appealing to teens. It can have many slang words and the language that teens use. But, if the mail targets professional people, the tone must be very professional and dignified.

4. Read More about Psychology of persuasion

Yes, you need to persuade your potential customers to purchase your products. For this, you need to equipped with specific psychological laws and techniques. Psychology will help you in formulating emails and other marketing strategies so that you have optimum sales.

5. A Welcome email

A welcome email is critical as it sets the basis for all future correspondence. Let the welcome letter write in a warm tone and a semi-professional tone. Extend the new customer a warm welcome to the big family of your company.

Studies have shown that even in this age of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, email marketing strategies still has the upper hand in reaching out to people and influencing them online. (The Social Graf). So, never underestimate the power of emails when it comes to controlling people online.

These were all you need to enhance your email marketing strategies and establish a successful brand and build it on a firm foundation. Wish you all the best!!

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