5 Growth Hack Techniques for Your B2B Startup

As an early stage startup, one of the biggest challenge we face getting our brand or product name out there and getting customers for our startup. Without customers, your startup won’t survive for long unless you don’t have huge venture capital money in your bank. As they say, the best money comes from the customer’s pocket, not from the investor’s pocket. On the journey to getting customers onboard, there are dozens of fantastic growth hack techniques to help you along the way.

No matter how high is your startup idea might be, it won’t become a successful startup unless you don’t have enough customers. When you are just starting, it’s nearly impossible to compete with larger startup or established company through traditional marketing method to acquire customers. Which means that you need to try a different approach to grow quickly or effectively. If you need to reach a broader audience in the short amount of time is what come into place growth hacking, a creative and innovative approach to rapid customer growth although having limited resources. If you are starting up, try below growth hack techniques to reach potential customers.

Quora Growth Hack Techniques

Quora hacking is the most exciting ways to promote your blog content. Follow a few subjects related to your industry and start answering those questions where you can add value. Be sure to add disclaimers whenever you mention product name directly. Make sure you write in details answer of questions, single line or small answer generally doesn’t get enough attention. Write responses to “Alternative to your competitor” or “your competitor one vs your competitor two” questions on Quora, a perfect place to promote your product. Always remember first try to add value instead directly promote your product.

Industry Influencer Marketing

Whenever you are writing new pieces of content, you’re probably referring other website or people in your post. Whenever possible, choose influential individuals (or their quote) to mention on your blog post. Email and tweet them directly after creating the content and let them know. They might be sharing your newly created content with their audience. Influencer Marketing will give a big boost for your blog post. Similar ways you can do an interview with influential industry people and create a blog post on it. Invite influential people to guest post on your blog.

Reuse old Content Promotion

After creating an epic blog post that content can be reused or recycle in different ways. Turn your favorite blog post into PowerPoint presentation especially list article and upload it to slide share. Slideshare has an extremely engaged audience. Make sure links back to your product in the intro and ending slide. Embed that Slideshare to another blog post, which can be shareable. Create long post article into a visually appealing infographic – a great way to get your point across creatively. Make sure your infographics have embedded HTML code so that other blog can embed your infographics to their blog. Infographics generate more backlinks that usual blog post.

Growth hacking technique: Gather same subject blog information together and bind it into a comprehensive guide or a white paper.

Platform Growth Hack Techniques

One of the best and affordable marketing tricks is referral marketing. Dropbox or Uber come up with invite based reward. Whenever you invite a new friend to join uber or Dropbox to use its service, you both get free space for Dropbox and free credit for riding the taxi. Like Dropbox or uber you can also offer such kind of invite based reward inside from your platform. Give people a reason to share with their friends. Another quick hack is “Powered By” tactic for leveraging your existing user base by displaying your logo or link to your product which is public or visible to your customer’s visitors or partner.

Growth hacking technique: Offer extended trials in return for tweeting about your product.

Startup Tools Growth Hacking Techniques:

Sharing is caring; always try to be a giver instead taker. Whenever you are creating new content for your blog, refer some other startup blog post, link back to them. Write details analysis post about new startup tools. Once you have the blog post about others startup tools email or tweet them directly and to let them know. So they can share with their audience over social or email channel (Read: 7 Email Marketing Technique for Brand Building). This will bring additional visitors to your blog.

Every startup is different and needs a different approach to acquiring new users. However, above five techniques can be work out for your B2B startup with minor tweaking, and go word out regardless of their niche, product, or service.

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